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Blogging is a way to share your life stories, and adventures with the world.

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I can't blog. Here are the reasons

You have probably convinced yourself over and over again that you can't blog, so much that you've started to believe it.

 I have news for you though-you can blog and become the best blogger ever to grace this earth.

You see, every time we try to go for what we desire, our minds tend to project our biggest fears, and as a result, we give up on ideas that would have unleashed the best in us. Here is a wake-up call, however. You can do it.

Blogging requires a positive attitude and not the 'I am new to this. I can't do it "attitude or the 'I just can seem to get this attitude.' Just like any other creative field, blogging has its challenges, but the cure is not to sit back and demean yourself. Here are some of the things that your mind is probably telling you right now:

I can't do it. I am so unsure of myself.

Worry not. Everybody is usually unsure of him or herself when practicing a craft that involves rubbing shoulders with many people. So it's normal. Even some of the world's best footballers are not so sure about their skills, that if asked who is the best player, they fail to nominate themselves. Kick out the 'I can't do it' feeling in your mind. Well, if you can't do it, then nobody else can. So, step up. You can do it.

What if I end up failing?

Failing is normal. The real failure only kicks in if you do not retake your chances. What if I am not the type who takes failure lightly? Well, who does? Just pick yourself up and try again. The good thing about life is that you are never going to run out of chances. So, if you do not get it the first time, you are going to hack it the second, third, or fourth time.Some people built a name after years of unsuccessful trials. They failed yes, but they also bounced back, and that's all that matters.

What about the bad comments?

What about them exactly? Some people are wired to try and make you fail. Yes. They exist, and you know what, that is normal. The real question, however, is whether you will give them power over your life? In life, some people will always be harsh to us no matter how much we try. As a blogger, it is advisable to take positive criticisms but do not dwell so much on the negative. Negativity is something that we encounter everyday of our lives. So, don't give up just because somebody doesn't like your piece.

What if I end up stressed?

The truth is blogging can get stressful at times. Which field doesn't get stressful, anyway? What matters is how you deal with the stress. If you let yourself get consumed with it, then you are probably going to end up depressed. The good thing is, there are several ways of handling stress. You can choose to cook, work out, hunt, or take a walk, and you will be fine. Stress is best cured by dwelling on things that take your mind off the situation for a while. Is it going to be stressful? Absolutely yes. Will I manage the stress? Of course, you will. Many people have, and therefore, you will.

I might need help along the way. Is it guaranteed?

Once you start blogging and writing your heart out, you will be surprised by the number of people who will want to associate with you and help you in the process. So yes, you are going to get all the help you need. You can also write to and approach other bloggers for advice. It will work out.

I am not confident enough.

You will be shocked at the number of individuals who people look up to but are not confident enough. I can tell you for a fact that a lot of people in high-end corporate offices still struggle to present their ideas to the world. You are not alone. The best way to build your confidence is to learn widely as you progress. Yes, you may not be that good at the start, but what happens afterward is entirely on you.

Some people will be waiting to mock me into giving up

Yes, such people exist. I can tell you for a fact that when I started blogging, I encountered them. Remember, some people who are frustrated with their lives are trying too hard to make others share in their pain. That is normal.
You only give them power if you allow them to have a say in your life. Bullies are there, ever since we were kids, and they will be there even in old age. So will some people try to make me feel bad and give up? Yes. Will you conquer? Yes, you will. But only if you can shut them off from your head.

Will I earn from it? Will I get the life I want?

Just like in any other creative field, the start is usually not as rewarding unless you are lucky enough. In the beginning, blogging won't give you the type of life you want. You won't buy your dream house, get a new car, shift states, or get the latest Rolex.

But you know what? Blogging gives you a chance to grow. The reward you get depends on your input. Imagine a scenario where you plant some seeds and fail to water them. Will they grow? No. will you reap? No. So just like the seeds, blogging requires input. You are going to get down to work and try to connect with as many people as people. Who knows? The office of the President might get on the phone and offer you a deal.

You also need to know that creative spaces, such as blogging, require passion. In as much as our world revolves around money, sometimes it is not all about the money. Do you enjoy what you do? Do you enjoy connecting with your audience? Does blogging offer you the level of satisfaction you desire? We thrive best when we do something that we love. So whether it does not pay well at first, have faith that with passion and willpower, things will get better.

What if my blog fails to grow?

You know what, it's okay. When your blog fails to grow, you start again. Life doesn't work out when you give up; otherwise, most of these inventions we see today wouldn't be here. If it fails to work out, you try again. You will learn that blogging is a skill, and just like most skills, you only learn as you progress. The fact that your blog won't grow and you will not make something out of it should be at the back of your mind. Once you fill your head with negativity, it is usually difficult to reclaim yourself.

What if I do not have a talent?

Now, one thing I have learnt with life is that talent only offers you an upper hand. Most of the work involves learning. So whether you have a talent or not, you will be at a better place if you allow yourself to learn and master blogging.

Why did I feel it necessary to write this article? The thing is, I have interacted with people in the same situation. Some think that they are not good enough; others feel that they are not talented, while some do not see a future in themselves. This is a common stage. The sad thing is, most people have ended up sacrificing chances of getting their name out to the world just because of fear.

What should I do to overcome all these fears?

The main thing is to develop an interest in blogging and know why you are doing it. Why do you want to be a blogger? Is it because you want to connect with people? Once you know your reasons for blogging, you are going to have a clear purpose. With blogging, you have to want it first for yourself before letting other people's opinions count.

Blogging also requires support. Things are going to get tough, and you won't be able to handle it on your one. Therefore, make a list of your support group, consisting of close friends and family. Have a shoulder to lean on, somebody who will approve of your ideas and listen to you as you rant about your blog. It is important.

As a blogger, you also need some time off to find yourself. So, if you feel that your creativity is waning off, it won't harm you to take some time off and see a friend or two. Do not push yourself too hard, or you are going to end up frustrated.


You have everything that it takes to become the type of blogger you have always dreamt of. It might be challenging at the start, but things get better with time. You will look back at your life a few years from now and ask yourself why you were scared in the first place. So go for it!

Enjoy the journey!

Derek Wolf
"People Like Us (do things like this)"

Ⓒ copyright Derek Wolf 2020, all rights reserved.

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