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Blogging is a way to share your life stories, and adventures with the world.

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Backing up all your Data

When it comes to the world of blogging, the first thing you should learn is that your blog has to be built with a solid foundation. And, part of that process is backing up all your data and files.

Just like when you're building a house, we have to start with a solid foundation. Do you agree. This is one of the reasons why so many bloggers fail in the beginning. Because, they either don't know how, or don't take the time to follow some basic rules when it comes to setting up and protecting their blog. There's nothing worse than starting from scratch. You have to have a solid foundation, and then you'll have the opportunity to focus on your ideas and start creating content that will really make your blog stand out from the rest.

Backing up your data and files

Backing up everything. And I really mean everything!
It's one of the most important rules when it comes to having an online business.
Imagine all of your hard work disappearing in a couple of seconds just because your site crashed, and if you didn't have your blog backed up. It's all gone, forever. I know I've had it happen.

It's one of the worst-case scenarios for anyone who owns an online business, so you want to make sure to avoid getting yourself in that same kind of a mess. So, start by backing up your data today, it's that simple, and the most important step that you'll continue to do the whole time you're on the internet.

Remember, this is about being prepared.

You can easily find yourself in a situation where your blog gets hacked or the company that host your blog crashes, or maybe the internet company do an update and just by chance your site ends up getting corrupted in the process. Now, you'll be thankful that you made sure that your data was kept safe and in secure places.

Part of the process of backing up is creating screenshots of your blog so that you can recreate a page or site when it's needed. Even if you think you can remember exactly what your pages look like, once you start to put up more and more content, it won't be so easy to recall every single page that you designed. Like where or what was that one photo in the content, the name of the headings, colors, font sizes, etc. You get the idea.

7 ways to back up your blog data for safe keeping

1. External hard drives

External hard drives are transferable, extremely easy to use and they provide instant storage whenever you need access to it. Although they are available in different storage capacities, they're all connected to the computer externally. To put it simply, the drive is connected to the outside of a computer through a USB connection. One of the best advantages is that they're portable, so you can have your external hard drive by your side even if you're traveling or working outside of your usual working space. In this way, you can always make sure that your data is backed up and reachable wherever you go.

2. ScanDisk

Scan disks check and correct errors and scan disk surfaces for defects to prevent data loss and rewriting of data. In case your Windows crashes, it will run automatically the next time your computer is booted and will search for errors and try to fix them.
If you're planning to run a blog, it means that you'll be using your computer daily, so the recommendation is to run ScanDisk frequently.

3. The Cloud

The Clouds refers to software and services that run your data on the internet instead of locally on your computer. There are multiple options and examples of cloud services and most of them can be accessed through a Web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The most popular examples of cloud services that store your data are Google Drive and Apple iCloud.
A great thing about backing up your data on such services is that you can access your data on any device that has a connection to the internet. You can even collaborate with multiple people if you give them access to one of your files, so it makes remote working and working in teams much easier.

4. The Cloud - Dropbox or Amazon Cloud Drive

Dropbox is also a cloud storage service where you can copy your files and have access to them later from any device that has an internet connection. Dropbox doesn't save your data automatically, so you will need to upload the data you want to save to the cloud. It helps you avoid having your personal data (like for example, personal pictures on your phone) saved automatically on Dropbox if you're using it just as a backup solution for your business.
Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage application for your data including videos and files, with a special focus on photos. It lets you store and view your entire photo collection without maxing out the internal storage on your phone, laptop or computer.

5. Load your full-size photos on Flickr and make them private

Flickr is a photo-sharing network that you can join by signing up with your email address. You can create an account for free and upload your photos and share it with others. In case you want to use it just for backing up your data, you can choose the option of making your photos private, so you'll be the only one who will be able to see the photos.

6. Free storage on Google

Google Photos come with free unlimited storage, but you have to be careful with this option, as the free storage is only available if you're saving your photos "high quality" images, as opposed to the original quality images which often have a much higher resolution. This means that your files would be compressed to safe space unless your account settings are set differently. You can also upgrade your Google storage to avoid that problem, but this option is not free and you would have to choose a monthly or yearly payment plan for it.

7. Write and keep your content on a second computer that never goes online

You can use a second computer for writing your content. Since you wouldn't be putting your content online from this computer, you wouldn't need to worry about updating it. The recommendation is to use this option just as one of the options for backing up your data, but you should definitely avoid depending on a second computer as your only backup option that you're planning to use.

Keep your data safe and protected and stay worry-free

Listen, you want to stay excited about your new online journey and the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you don't have to worry about any unexpected situations. That's why backing up your data is extremely important. Choose at least a few (min. three) options and keep yourself protected just simply by backing up to external drives and locations.

I hope you discovered some great options today, knowing that you can be protected just by safely backing up your hard work.

Derek Wolf
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